Friday, November 2, 2012

Money Saver - Leather Bustier Top

I was looking at all the new arrivals at Forever 21's website when I came upon this beauty
It reminded me of a top that I was obsessing over at
The huge difference between the two is that the first one is $19.80 and the one from Nastygal is $110.60
Granted the Nastygal one is real leather, so it has a reason to be so expensive, but I think the price is still to expensive for the common people since they had to lower it from $158 to $110.
But my point is that top from Forever 21 could pass as a Nastygal product, I'm not a big fan of their use of the sheer material, I think it would look a lot cuter if they didn't even waste their time on it.
Cutting that material off and replacing the zipper would only cost you a few more dollars, but you would still end up saving around $90.80!

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