Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wants of the Week

1. Off Duty Anorak Jacket - $98
I like how this jacket is like a parka jacket, with a cool twist. The synthetic leather sleeves were a very nice touch, and they put a lot of personality into the jacket. I absolutely LOVE this.

Jeffrey Campbell - 8th St in Purple Silver - $170Jeffrey Campbell makes amazing and unique shoes, I've been in love with these shoes ever since I first saw them on Solestruck a couple of months ago but wasn't willing to drop $170 on them.

Dixie - Skinny Jeans Stone Wash $135.00  High waist shorts look cute with everything, I thought that after summer was over the trend would die out, whish would mean that all of the crop shirts I stupidly bought towards the end of the summer would go to waste. High waist skinny jeans are my go-to jeans, and these stone wash pair are super sute.

Freak of Nature Baroque and Roll $65    Words can not describe my love of this dress. The print looks godly, the skater dress shape is amazing, and the spikes just bring this dress to a whole new level.

Studded Flatform Creepers $68I don't know if it's just me, but I still like creepers. It's a shoe trend that has slowly grown onto me.And I also like flatforms, I remember rocking those when I was 10, I loved them but everytime I tried strutin' my stuff in them my shoes would make farting sounds. Anyways, I love how these shoes are different from the traditional creepers, the gold studs on them make them sand out from the norm (if creepers were considered "the norm"). Comparing these to my go to shoes (maroon vans) my shoe game is weak.

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